Monday, 28 February 2011

Miren Gami's Media Diary

My media diary- by Miren Gami

How do you compare?

Read the report here or skim through it:
How teens use media - Exloding the myths about teen media consumption

However, this one has slightly different findings...
How Teenagers Consume Media: the report that shook the City - Guardian article

If you cannot produce a film for your presentation, you can use different tools to put your findings on the blog:
- Upload your PowerPoint to a site such as Slideshare, get the embed code and stick it into your post, clicking on the HTML tab first.
- You can also use Zoho Show to "Create, Edit and Share Your Presentations Online"
- You can use Prezi, and again, copy then paste the embed code.
And many other solutions that you can probably tell me all about...!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Teens' media habits

Some findings from a recent report:
•"Television is still the dominant medium of choice for teenagers" and they're watching more of it than ever before.
•Teens prefer live television to DVR time-shifted programming.
•When it comes to going to the movies, teens lead the pack and prefer the big screen to DVDs, online rentals and on-demand offerings.
•Teens consume less online video than adults.
•With 11 hours and 32 minutes a month of web browsing, teens are surfing the net half as much as the average US internet user.
•Teens generally visit the same categories of sites as adults do.
•Despite the popularity of online music and portable music devices like the iPod, "Radio is the top source of music consumption for 16% of teens globally and the secondary source for another 21%".

How do your own media habits compare to these findings?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Your Media Consumption Habits

Dear all,

For your first post, you need to upload the home-learning task you completed over half-term. It should tell us how you use media and what kind of media you consume. We will look at the topic in more detail next half-term and explore the current 'big media debates'.

Track your use of media including TV viewings (what programmes, how long), cinema, DVDs, video games, web browsing, social networking, magazines, newspapers, radio, music ... Then present your findings in an interesting way; sum up your typical habits.

Here is an example of what you can do though this one is a little boring - I'm sure you can be more creative!

This is another example of what you can do, though this one is a little vague about what kinds of programmes are watched or websites visited for example.