Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Closing Remarks

Well done to everyone who made the effort to try out new technologies and adopted the format required.
Well done to all the students who presented their pitch so effectively.
Well done to all the students who really worked collaboratively.
Well done on some fantastic looking leaflets.
Well done to all the students who made the extra effort to film their TV ad.
There really is some lovely work to look at on your blogs.

You could maybe develop an individual blog to tackle a future unit of work (there are 2 left) and do some extra research or simply present your work differently...

Next unit, GOTHIC ... Can't wait! See you soon!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Come on, everyone!!! Things are not up to date! Post your presentations, videos, leaflets (annotated if possible), storyboards and notes on your group blog. It should showcase how much work you've put in and help us to follow your "journey" in the development of your final products.

There should also be some peer-assessment of another group's presentation.
I want to be seriously impressed!
PS: Some group blogs are still missing. Email me the url or add it in a comment below ASAP. No one wants to stay behind on Friday!!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

H/L for Thursday 7th April

1. All work uploaded to your group blog - see previous posts.

2. Complete a peer-assessment of the pitches seen so far - Aim to all contribute.
Make sure you cover all groups: If one or 2 groups have already assessed, say, Zoe's group, deal with someone else.

So far, we have seen:
- Shyam / Dheraj/ Ashish's pitch
- Kavita / Anjali / Adam / Sweta's pitch
- Miren / Ashool / Mohamed's pitch
- Khushal / Jordan / Mahamed'd pitch
- Zoe / Zamena / Rhianna / Antonia's pitch
- Zaina / Sonali / Jade / Lisha's pitch

To complete the peer-assessment, address the following points in detail:
1. The concept of the campaign was effective because ...; it could have been more effective if...
2. The leaflet was effective because ... It could have been improved by ...
3. We thought the TV advert .... This is because... To make it even better, ...
4. Overall we think the pitch should be chosen because... / was persuasive because...


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Update and home learning

The presentations have been good so far.
Please update your group blogs so that everything's there.
If you've annotated your leaflet to show the techniques you've used ( see Miren's group), post that! It's a great way to self-assess. If you've produced a Powerpoint or Prezi to enhance your presentation, post that too. You can also take pictures or scan your storyboards, upload your video if you've made one, and add anything else related to your project. Use all the possibilities offered by the blog form!

Have fun and work hard. We'll continue watching the presentations next week.