Monday, 4 April 2011

H/L for Thursday 7th April

1. All work uploaded to your group blog - see previous posts.

2. Complete a peer-assessment of the pitches seen so far - Aim to all contribute.
Make sure you cover all groups: If one or 2 groups have already assessed, say, Zoe's group, deal with someone else.

So far, we have seen:
- Shyam / Dheraj/ Ashish's pitch
- Kavita / Anjali / Adam / Sweta's pitch
- Miren / Ashool / Mohamed's pitch
- Khushal / Jordan / Mahamed'd pitch
- Zoe / Zamena / Rhianna / Antonia's pitch
- Zaina / Sonali / Jade / Lisha's pitch

To complete the peer-assessment, address the following points in detail:
1. The concept of the campaign was effective because ...; it could have been more effective if...
2. The leaflet was effective because ... It could have been improved by ...
3. We thought the TV advert .... This is because... To make it even better, ...
4. Overall we think the pitch should be chosen because... / was persuasive because...


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