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lifespace story

“I was at the end of knowing what I should do.... I was anxious and distracted at work because I was just waiting for a phone call from school to say what had gone wrong again. It was costing me time and energy and I really didn’t know what else to do.

I got in touch with Lifespace and found they were really genuine and professional and they let me explain what the situation was. I thought I was rambling but they listened to what I had to say. Very quickly I felt confident in the process.

Beforehand I was worried about being judged as a “bad parent” but Lifespace were really sensitive and listened to what we needed and gave us support throughout the process. I know they went out of their way to accommodate our needs.
Without a doubt our son’s life is easier now, more settled. It has made a huge huge difference. In seven months he has had just one lunchtime detention, whereas before it was at least two detentions a week. Things had hit a real low point when he was involved in handling stolen goods, the Police were involved and he was expelled for four days.

With the input and help of his mentor his behaviour has changed. The mentor has helped our son learn new techniques to keep calm and begin to really believe in himself. He uses these techniques even when we are out shopping. He has learned to stop and think about things rather than just lose control. Before he would cry uncontrollably and kick and scream. Now he takes a step back, and calms down much quicker.

School staff are really positive about our son now as well. Our whole expectation has changed.

The Lifespace team also helped us as parents see what was getting in the way and what we could change at home too, things like realising how our son learns best is not with words, but visually and through diagrams. I am so much happier as we have a lot less arguments now. I really don’t know what I would have done without Lifespace…I think I would have had a nervous breakdown! Our son’s life has been transformed”

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Home learning and update

First, some groups still need to create a blog and send me the URL so that I can link it to the class one.
Some great work is happening on some blogs! Next Friday we will pick a Blog of the Week and distribute an edible prize!
Reminder of home learning tasks:

For Tuesday:
- rough draft of your leaflet (hard copy) brought to the lesson.
- the rough writing (copy) should also be on your group blog. Share the writing!!!!

Other tasks ahead:
- Neat improved version of the leaflet (hard copy and digital copy - could be a photo of your work or you could scan it etc...)
- Peer-assessment through group blogs.
- Storyboard and/or animatic for your TV advert.
If you want to be ahead of the rest, by all means do...
I know 2 groups are planning to shoot and edit the TV advert...

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UPDATE - Catch up!

Well done to those who have set up their group blog. Do check out Zoe and Antonia's blog for example. This demonstrates how to use the blog format well with useful gadgets.

Some of you are still missing some older tasks. Catch up quick or you will have to stay after school to catch up!

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The NSPCC helps:
. stop cruelty to children, (abuse & hunger)
. help children's voices be heard.
. work with professionals to keep children safe.

The good things about the leaflet is that it has lots of information and tells you where the money is going to, it includes personal stories to give that person a name, emotions and to make them feel like a real person. it also has information when the company was started and how they have helped so many children. they use emotive language in the stories and words like '' US, YOU'' to involve us.

The BAD points are that the form is too big and long and it would be a no if somebody saw it and they'll think it would take too long. There is a very less amount of pictures so people would get bored of reading the leaflet instead of seeing the pictures, so the leaflets wouldn't effective to the viewers.

9c Media Unit: http://dheraj-groupwork.blogspot.com/

9c Media Unit: http://dheraj-groupwork.blogspot.com/: "http://dheraj-groupwork.blogspot.com/"

Monday, 21 March 2011

Here is the link to mine and Antonia's Blog:

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Our group blog

My new slogan is for the chocolate 'Munchie' this slogan is for both children and adults audience the slogan is 'crispy,crunchy yet always munchie' This is a ideal slogan as it incorporates the name of the product in memorable way. It involves onomtaope which make the audience think of the product which is another great way to remember the slogan.

For the chocolate bar areo I have used the slogan ' Dont be a trouble have a bubble'. This slogan is ideal for target audience of children. This slogan has a bit of humor as many trouble is manly accosated with children and by them buying areo they some how will stay out of trouble. This slogan has rhyming which make its snappy. It also has alteration and direct wording.

For a target audience of adults I have chosen to do a slogan for Ferrero Rocher which is ' Quality is our middle name' This should persuade the adult audience to buy the product as they would get exactly what they want for there money which quality.This slogan is pervasive as it directly shows what the product has to offer.

9c Media Unit: Shyam & Dheraj's charity leaflets.

9c Media Unit: Shyam & Dheraj's charity leaflets.: "The NSPCC helps:. stop cruelty to children, (abuse & hunger). help children's voices be heard.. work with professionals to keep children..."

Shyam & Dheraj's charity leaflets.

The NSPCC helps:
. stop cruelty to children, (abuse & hunger)
. help children's voices be heard.
. work with professionals to keep children safe.

the good things about the leaflet is that it has lots of information and tells you where the money is going to, it includes personal stories to give that person a name, emotions and to make them feel like a real person. it also has information when the company was started and how they have helped so many children. they use emotive language in the stories and words like '' US, YOU'' to involve us.

the bad points are that the form is too big and long and it would be a no if somebody saw it and they'll think it would take too long.

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Our Deconstructed Leaflet By Jordan Benbelaid & Khushal Pindolia

What do they do?

To help young people make their own lives easier and lighter, safer and stronger, healthier and happier
by providing safe and effective mentoring relation- ships and resources to enable young people to talk about what matters to them, discover new things, develop their skills and create a life they are really proud of.

The good thing about the leaflet is that there is alot of information about the company on the leaflet, the fill in form is very clear about what information was needed, the logo and slogan are very effective and are relevant to what the company is. There are quotes from past users and that is a reassuring point showing that the company are trustworthy. The leaflet is also a good way to show how people can donateand the contact details are clear and are relevant because people need a way to access the people if they have a problem.

The bad thing about this leaflet is that there is not uch information about the future and past of the company, the fill form is way too long and you would not want to fill the whole thing because it takes up a half of the leaflet and the background colour is really distracting because of the colours and the patterns

please visit this website to see the leaflet

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Media unit!: SOCIAL MEDIA DOES MORE GOOD THAN BAD FOR TEENAGERS...: "SOCIAL MEDIA DOES MORE GOOD THAN BAD FOR TEENAGERS.Many people have many different opinions to this statement, i think that this is a true b..."

Home learning due in Monday 21st March

In groups of 3 (or 2), research a charity and the campaigns that they do.
Explain what they do, how they help.
Give examples of past and current campaigns, with pictures of the posters and links to or embedded videos.
Explain the concept/ idea behind one of the advertising campaign and find evidence of whether if was successful.
Set up a group blog – SEND ME THE URL. Email me if there is a problem.
Label your post Charity Campaigns.

Many of you have not done the last h/l set on the blog and some of you still haven't signed up. Get it sorted over the weekend or you will be kept behind on Monday at 3pm to sort it all out with me and set detentions if necessary.

Monday, 14 March 2011

2 New Slogans for Belgian Truffles by Dilan J. Patel

If i was to ever unveil a new chocolate brand it would be the most richest chocolates you could find, Belgian Truffles. Now as you know considering it is recognised as an expensive luxery my slogan for the chocolate suits it perfectly for the target audience of adults-

"There's nothing more elegant than Belgium Truffles"

This slogan is very attractive and stands out as it basically makes a statement to the target audience and describes it in a intense manner.

If my target audience was children then you would think that Belgian Truffles has no real appeal to them but with the following slogan I think it would-

"Try to Taste the Truffle"

As you can see this slogan is short and simple as it is also understandable for children. But what makes the slogan so strong is the mystery hidden in the slogan of wanting to taste the truffle and see what it is like. Furthermore, there is alliteration which also is another factor of the slogan.

Miren Gami- Tiger Bar- Slogans


Children- eat it before it eats you!
I chose this because it contains a bit of humour which appeals to younger children and obviously adults know that it would be silly if a tiger ate them. Also, it is telling you to do something rather than suggesting that you should do it. Also, the tiger appeals to children as kids like animals.

Adults- TIGER BAR- The real king of the jungle!
This appeals to adults because it is shorts and simple yet it doesn't contain immature humour (i.e. tigers eating people) Also, it makes the bar look superior to others.

I made up a slogan for Galaxy which is ''It only melts in the mouth'' and it is targeted at adults because adults like luxury chocolates. I chose this slogan so adults will be more and more tempted to have a Galaxy.

I made up a slogan for Aero which is ''Unleash the bubbles'' and it is targeted at kids aged between 3-9 years old. I chose this slogan because kids would want to try it once they here about it.
The slogan for Flake is ''Only the crumbliest flakiest thing in the world'' because it is aimed at children (aged 3-9). Children (in general) like more crumbly and messy things than adults do. I think this is memorable because this one is for kids and kids will keep wanting to have a Flake.

The slogan for Kitkat is ''Have a break. Have a Kitkat'' because it is aimed at adults. Adults need a break sometimes and this slogan makes adults want a Kitkat. I think this is memorable because it is for adults and it makes adults tempted to have a Kitkat.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Interesting Article for those interested to find out a little more about teens' use of technology

Teenagers and technology: 'I'd rather give up my kidney than my phone'
Text, text, text, that's all they think about: but are all those hours on the phone and Facebook turning teenagers into screen-enslaved social inadequates? Jon Henley finds out


Home learning for Tuesday 15th March

1. In your book, list the techniques that can be used to make a slogan memorable (remember the list on the board). Find some examples of slogans to illustrate these techniques.

2. On the blog, in a new post, come up with 2 new slogans for a chocolate bar of your choice (or create a new brand) for 2 different target audiences (adults and children).
You need to explain which technique(s) you’ve chosen to create a memorable slogan and target each audience specifically.
If you feel creative, design the magazine advert to go with one of your slogans, or both! Save as a .jpeg on your computer and and insert into your post.
Use the label "slogans" for your post.

My Media Consumption Habits - By Kavita

Kavita Social media- good or bad argument

‘Social Media does more good than bad to teenagers’
In my opinion I find the statement above to be quite injustice for several different reasons. Many teens and pre teens may argue this case by mentioning how it allows them to communicate with their fellow friends and family; but do they really think about the consequences they are getting themselves into. A mass number of teens do not realise how much personal information they are giving away all to be part of some of the most popular online social ‘communities’ on such website as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’.
Statistics show that 71% of teens reported receiving messages online from someone they don’t know and only 18% said they’ll told an adult. Which leave number teens in danger as they do not know what that person may have planned for them. Many teens are also not taken seriously on social networking sites and many are cyber bullied every year. Many teens feel as though they are invincible behind a computer in which in eyes gives them the right the bully and torment others online. This soon leads to many regretful acts which cannot be undone for example: last year in March 2010 17 year old Alexis Pilkington living in New York committed suicide after nasty hurtful comments were left on her Formspring page. It was reported that the cyber bulling was still carrying on after her death. The bully was taken to court where justice had been served for all events that caused Alexis’s death. This event raised awareness of the type of bulling that happens to hundreds on daily and the extent people as there are no boundaries or limits online.
Many teens are also abandoning and neglecting their school work to spend more time updating there social statues online. They are throwing away their hopes and dreams for the future to be in front of a monitor. Social networking is becoming highest rising addictions people have and also the most money making online industry. If teens don’t limit themselves to social media now who know where they will be in 10 years time
On the other hand many teens now have got more communication with teachers and other students from school which could help them revise and complete coursework online. Also many people can communicate with relatives and friend abroad on such websites as ‘Skype’ and ‘MSN’ this allows you to be apart of lives while there not around.
Overall I feel that teens should take control and limit themselves so they do not get addicted to social networking. I also feel that cyber bulling should be spoken to more about so kids realise what regretful consequences could happen due this problem and hopefully the rate of cyber bulling would go down.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Yorkie chocolate bar slogan is... 'Yorkie, it's not for girls.' the target audience is adult men because there is not many other chocolates targeted for men. the slogan is telling people it is not for girls, therefore it's for men. i think it can be easily remembered because it's different from other slogans because this one is for boys.

The milky bar chocolate slogan is...' ungrow up.' the target audience are children age 4-8. the slogan is short and can be easily remembered. it suggest that if you eat milky bar then you will stay younger or feel younger. the target audience is also for adults because the slogan can also refer to adults who want to feel like a kid again.

Friday, 11 March 2011

"Social Media does more good than bad to teenages"
This in itself is a very controversial statement that raises two very strong arguments, a for and an against. When looking at this statement it becomes important to look at it from these two points of view, and not a biased account based on personal opinion.

This statement raises an opinion that it is indeed true, whether fully or to some extent. When looking at all the positive media avaliable, it becomes instantly clear that the obvious examples of positive media are newspapers, blogs, there are many other examples of this, which benefit out society and the way we think. Social networking sites have become increasingly popular in recent years, mainly due to the sudden dependency on the internet in many places, the sudden realisation that you can communicate with friends and family for free online, advertises itself. Media can also be positive as the Media can influence everyone in certain ways - it can warn people about what life has in store for them if they are not weary of certain situations.
The link above for example, is an excellent example of positive media advertisement, as television is widely abused by many households, it reaches a large target audience therefore warning more women of the dangers that lurks among the streets at night.

However some people may raise the opinion that media is extremely harmful for society, especially where teenagers are concered. Nowadays, it is clear that media has taken the route of 'sex sells'. Teenagers are currently able to access sexually explicit images and videos. An example of what can happen to the generation is highlighted in a television series 'waterloo road' and in it, shows what happens to people, mainly boys, who are continuously in reach of this kind of thing. It is also highlighted that Social Networking sites such as Facebook can be the start of devistating events if someone is silly enough to let this happen. Although internet safety is taught to all students at some point or other, the immediet assumption made by many is the fact that they will never be as stupid, so they let their guard down and may even end up meeting up with people, who have communicated with them through the site, and they end up hurt, and in extreme cases rape comes into the prediciment.

I personally believe that media is both good and bad depending on the person who uses it. Someone who uses the media in a positive way, to benefit their studies, their lives, and those around them would strongly agree with this statement, however people who use it in negative ways to access harmful things (which in some cases is illegal, whether the user is aware of this fact or not) this statement no longer applies to them.
However I do believe social networking sites are acceptable, as they are an easy way of communication and with quick access, but this depends on how smartly the site is used, all sites have a way to protect information from people who you do not know, so therefore this becomes something we see as a way of being safe, and communicating.

Thanks, Zoe (:


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Social Media Does More Good Than Bad For Teenagers.

I disagree with this statement because teenagers spend more time on the internet searching for Facebook and Twitter and those sorts of social media allows them to socialise with their friends more freely. This can distract them from their school homework very easily and will not teach them anything except for what their friends are up to and other gossip. Some teenagers that are too young to be having a Facebook account lie about their age and Facebook still accepts to the information they give. Nowadays everything is related to Facebook, because it is so popular all teenagers think they have to get in the Facebook fashion but they don't realise that as they're creating an account they will get addicted and eventually be glued to it till something new comes along.
As teenagers get used to these sorts of free socialising websites they get lazier because they're more interested in talking to their friends all the time than doing something active, that can really get their hearts beating. After a while teenagers get well used to using the internet for EVERYTHING and become 'couch potatoes' rapidly.
When teenagers have Facebook, they would want to get the Facebook application on their mobile phones which is even worse because they can sit on the sofa to a whole week with a mobile phone and charger and constantly be talking to their friends. This is equally disagreeable because teenagers want the best phone or the most popular phone in school such as smart phones like the BlackBerry and they use it in school.
Parents may disagree with this statement also because teenagers play more online games and once they're addicted their not going to ever leave from that specific game. Some websites contain inappropriate content such as pornographic websites that are X rated and not sutible for children under the age of 18 but it just says 'click here if you are 18 or above' and those sorts of web which shouldn't be that easily accessible because we don't want teenagers learning the wrong things.
For example, this boy had an Xbox and he got addicted to it. He played none stop and later he couldn't even blink. His eyes would not shut and nothing but tears could fall from his eyes.
The internet can sometimes manipulate teenagers into doing the wrong things such as, posting inappropriate pictures or comments that can also as a result have severe consequences.
For example, a 40 year old man had a Facebook account and his picture was of a 16 year old boy. He added a 16 year old girl and she accepted his request because she thought that it was really a 16 year old boy behind that account. So they started talking and getting to know each other and the man asked her if they could meet up, the girl agreed and sadly the man raped her.
I think that story has made most teenagers about their safety and actions on Facebook and other social media websites. It has made the public more aware of this situation too.

Thank you (:
Sonali x


The statement "social media does more good than bad for teenagers" is partly true but it is also partly false.

Firstly it is true as social media can be good for teenagers. There are lots of examples of media such as reading newspapers, going on the internet, watching tv, reading a book, texting people and more. Out of those examples reading is definetly good for teenagers. Reading books helps you as it gives you a lot of knowledge and it helps you in engish classes as you can gain different types of skills. Using the internet can also be good as people use the internet for good things such as work, researching things, presentations etc. Reading newspapers is similar to reading books as you get knowledge but by reading newspapers you also get knowledge about the world and you can learn about whats happening around you.

But i think that the statment above can also be false. My reason behind this is that there are some types of social media that do more bad than good for teenagers. Some of the media that is bad is also good as I have stated above. The types of media that I think could be bad is using the internet and watching tv. I think that using the internet is something that all teenagers use and I think that most of them are using it much more than how much they are supposed to be. The main site on the internet is facebook and that is what most teenagers use. I am also one of those teenagers that use facebook but I think that using the internet for socialising with friends can be a waste of time. This is because friends meet each other 5 times a week and I think that they have enough time to talk to each other!

I think that another thing that could be bad for teenagers is watching too much tv. There are many soaps/tv programmes that teenagers watch that come on tv and many of the teenagers just pay attention to the tv and not any work that they have recieved from school. This is one of the reasons why some teenagers do not hand in their homework and make up excuses. Also, watching too much tv can be a problem for your eye sight. In schools atleast half of the teenagers have to wear glasses either just for reading or permanently. Watching too much tv is one of the reasons why people get glasses and that is one of the reasons why social media can be bad for teenagers.

In conclusion from my point of view I think that the statement "social media does more good than bad for teenagers" is true as I think that if teenagers use the internet and tv I think that they can also get knowledge and they can learn about many things that they did not know about before. By using the internet they can also produce different kinds of work and by using computers they could also be more confident in I.T.

By Ashish Pattni :)


Media unit!: SOCIAL MEDIA DOES MORE GOOD THAN BAD FOR TEENAGERS...: "SOCIAL MEDIA DOES MORE GOOD THAN BAD FOR TEENAGERS.Many people have many different opinions to this statement, i think that this is a true b..."

Monday, 7 March 2011


Nikhil Patel - Social Media

Some people say that social media is a possitive thing, for example people can comminucate online which is very quicker and very easier. We can now even shop online, not only for clothes but also for tickets and gadgets. Another thing which is good about social media is that you can find out what is happening in the news about pollotics or sports just by going onto your computer or Black Burry. One last possitive thing about social media is that you can play games and watch movies which have not even been released yet.

Speaking off watching movie not released yet, there are also negative things about social media, for example to watch a movie which has not been released yet means you most likely are going to access an illegal web-site. Another negative point is games, you can gambal online wheather 18 or not and if you start gambaling form a young age you are most likely to start doing the real thing when you get older.

Cyber bullying, if someone is being cyber bullied it is most likely to be online on Facebook, MNS or Twitter. If the person being bullied does not inform anyone of it and keeps it as a secret the person will adventualy loose it and are most likely to seriousely hurt them selves, or even kill themsleves.

One last negative point is addiction, no matter what age you are it is easy to get addicted to any sort of social media, it may be Facebook, games or even just surfing the net. If you get addicted and you have other and bigger responcabilities, you may end up forgeting them and at the end you may loose it or them. For example if you have a baby and you are addicted to a game online, you may forget to feed the baby and give it the care and attention it needs, in the end the baby may die of starvation.

Thank you
Nikhil Patel :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I think that the statement is not true. All over the world Facebook, Twitter and Skype has been really over-rated as it’s addictive and it distracts you from work. This makes you lazy and anti-social. There are also pop ups on the internet which attract people to go on games and socialise online which can be dangerous. Children can do their work easier because it’s all over the internet. Social media can affect your eyes and because it’s so addictive you mostly think about it than work. Overall, I think that social media does a lot worse than good because of all the disadvantages.


Social Media does more good to teens than bad by Dilan J. Patel

The statement above is quite frankly absolute nonsense. Many teens who use social media quite a lot could argue but well than that's just being biased. The internet was made for a lot of specific things such as research, online gaming and is now being developed to provide more socializing sites. Now as much as it sounds good of socializing and meeting new people, it can be dangerous. Unlike socializing outdoors, you cannot 100% fully know who it is you are socializing with and why they are socializing with you. Social media also can be extremely addictive for teens which can cause teens to remain glues to computer and laptops for hours without fresh air, something to eat or even just a bit of a stretch. Being on a computer or laptop so long can effect a teen's eyesight and even their concentration at school. The figures for the amount of teens who use social media are outstanding and are increasing by the minute. If so many people are using social media more then why wouldn't it be more good? Because teens unfortunately do not realise the amount of stress and pressure they are building up inside of them to have a good healthy social status. Such as it can make teens upsetting through cyber bullying and problems can also occur through seeing comments/posts of them which are insulting. To conclude, I fully remain with my opinion in disagreeing with the statement as social media causes an enormous amount of stress on teens who don't even have to worry about that yet and also can be make a teen upset and also in danger.


Social media does more good than bad for teenagers

I disagree because teenagers not only use the internet for homework........they use it for other things which they spend a long time on - like some people who are on facebook for too long. When teenagers are asked to do things like research and put it in their own words, they just copy the information from the internet - word for word. I think social media does not do more good than bad for teenagers.

Social media does more good than bad for teenagers by Rhianna Biggs

Recently, the media has been focusing on the bad consequences of teen social networking such as cyberbullying and sexting. But is social media actually bad for teens? According to the Los Angeles Times, teens who are most active on social networking sites such as Face book are actually more well-adjusted than their less-connected peers. The digital world is simply a new and more multidimensional place for teens to do what teens have always done – form their own identities away from their parents.

Apparently, children most likely to spend lots of time on social media sites are not the least well-adjusted but the healthiest psychologically.

On the other hand social media can be dangerous regardless to all the physiological facts, you may argue that social media makes the kids of today dumber and lazier because they can find the answers to questions with a click of the button. Google has been found to be the most popular social media site with 76% of 13-15 year olds using it more than: msn, yahoo, bebeo.com, face book, wikipedia, my space ect.

Social media, is becoming very popular which is a concern especially for teens because their becoming a lot more anti- social, the time they spend on sites such as face book is increasing by large percentages, their inside most of the day not enjoying the outside world. Teens are isolating themselves from their families by hiding away. Unlike socialising outdoors, you cant be fully sure about who I you are socializing with and why they are socialising with you e.g their have been many stories in the news relating to teenagers being manipulated by the media, people pretending to be the same age even though they were really middle-aged men. Social media also can be extremely addictive for teens which can cause teens to remain glues to computer and laptops for hours without fresh air, something to eat. Wherever you look social media is around, from computers to phones, its all around us and this affects teenagers most because social media is targeted to our generation. This is why old valuable media sources are slipping away, its predicted that newspapers would stop printing in apox ten years time.

Therefore I have to disagree with the statement " Social media does more good than bad for teenagers" because its taking over their lives, its consuming them. The pressure they face with having to update their followers on twitter or friends on face book.

Rhianna's media consumption diary

Social media does more good than bad for teenagers.

Social media does more good than bad for teenagers.

I disagree with this statement because social media like the Internet have been proven to make children dumber. In the past the Internet has been used to find out little fact to help you with your homework, now the Internet does most of it for you, all you have to do is copy and past!! The Internet has also been proven to make children lazier. Websites like facebook and twitter have reached more than 400 million active users each. Know these websites can be accessed from a phone as well as a computer which means that people that are addicted can now be on facebook wherever they are. There are now more that 200 million active users accessing facebook through their phone. it has been proven that use facebook on their phones are twice as active on facebook that non-mobile users.
These are the reason why i think that social media does more bad than good for teenagers.


Saturday, 5 March 2011


Home Learning for Monday 7.3.11

“Social Media does more good than bad to teenagers.”

Write a response to this statement in your own post. You should refer to at least 2 specific examples. Show your engagement by doing some of the following:

- You can include links to relevant articles as well.
- You can include relevant pictures or logos.
- You can create a video response - You, talking to the camera or talking as a 'voice over', on top the visuals (maybe logos, news stories etc...). You could film it as a discussion between 2 people, maybe as a conversation withan adult at home to get 2 points of view.
If you are creating a Prezi or video, don't worry about bringing a hard copy to the lesson.
Upload your video straight to your post by clicking on the film icon. If this takes too long, you might want to upload to Vimeo or YouTube, then copy the Embed code and paste in into your post.

Here is another video to get you thinking:

And this is the one I showed you in class:





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My email is h.o'shea@parkhighstanmore.org.uk if there are any problems.
If you cannot produce a film for your presentation, you can use different tools to put your findings on the blog:
- Upload your PowerPoint to a site such as Slideshare, get the embed code and stick it into your post, clicking on the HTML tab first.
- You can also use Zoho Show to "Create, Edit and Share Your Presentations Online"
- You can use Prezi, and again, copy then paste the embed code.
And many other solutions that you can probably tell me all about...!