Friday, 25 March 2011

Home learning and update

First, some groups still need to create a blog and send me the URL so that I can link it to the class one.
Some great work is happening on some blogs! Next Friday we will pick a Blog of the Week and distribute an edible prize!
Reminder of home learning tasks:

For Tuesday:
- rough draft of your leaflet (hard copy) brought to the lesson.
- the rough writing (copy) should also be on your group blog. Share the writing!!!!

Other tasks ahead:
- Neat improved version of the leaflet (hard copy and digital copy - could be a photo of your work or you could scan it etc...)
- Peer-assessment through group blogs.
- Storyboard and/or animatic for your TV advert.
If you want to be ahead of the rest, by all means do...
I know 2 groups are planning to shoot and edit the TV advert...

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