Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The NSPCC helps:
. stop cruelty to children, (abuse & hunger)
. help children's voices be heard.
. work with professionals to keep children safe.

The good things about the leaflet is that it has lots of information and tells you where the money is going to, it includes personal stories to give that person a name, emotions and to make them feel like a real person. it also has information when the company was started and how they have helped so many children. they use emotive language in the stories and words like '' US, YOU'' to involve us.

The BAD points are that the form is too big and long and it would be a no if somebody saw it and they'll think it would take too long. There is a very less amount of pictures so people would get bored of reading the leaflet instead of seeing the pictures, so the leaflets wouldn't effective to the viewers.

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